4 SEO tips for wordpress

WordPress is the most popular blog system all around the world. I know there are many SEOers uses wordpress to build their website and they gain reach experiences on how to make their wordpress websites search engine friendly. But I still want to share 4 tips to optimize your blogs.

1.optimize robots.txt

File robots.txt is a rule for all search engines. It tells the search engines which page can index. Some times, we need to forbidden some pages. We know that repeated pages is harmful to SEO. You can write your robots.txt content like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin
Sitemap: http://www.yetlive.com/sitemap.xml

In this robots.txt, you forbidden all search engines not index your blog directory related to aministration and stop from being hacked.

2.just show summary in feed

Some bloggers show full text in their feed. But it brings a risk to being copied by some applications. And those repeated pages will let search engines don’t index your original  page. It’s very bad for seo. So, the simplest solution is to show just summary in your feed.

3.use javascript to print your sidebar

Sidebar often offer some additional information about your blog, but it is not so good for SEO. But search engine can not read javascript. We use this feature to avoid some useless content.

4.list your blog in SEO directory

Web directories can bring rich back links especially directories like DMOZ or Yahoo directory. Back links is very important to SEO. So this is the reason why I said “SEO” directory.

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